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Are you looking to start your own message resale business? Grow your business, win the market and gain new revenues.

Starting a mobile messaging business can be a complicated task, and achieving a successful result takes time and experience. With our Reseller Solution you get easy entry in the messaging resale business with no investment and no extra cost.

Reseller Solution offers you reliable messaging services that make it easy to get started and grow your reseller business with a user-friendly application for managing your messaging business. This platform is a simple and effective messaging and client management application and your trusted right hand designed to run effective and profitable reseller operations.

Its advanced messaging features are available both for you and your clients to run efficient messaging campaigns, track your traffic and expenses, organise and manage contacts and keep records of all your messaging activities. Besides, its allow you to create powerful sub-accounts for your customers, fully branded with your own colours and logo right down to the register and login pages: Explore all the options and functionality our Reseller Solution gives you and your business.



  • Bulk SMS for sending large message volumes with sender ID.
  • 2 Way SMS for receiving replies directly in your system or application.
  • HLR Lookup for improving the accuracy of your messaging and reducing your costs.
  • Competitive pricing ensuring you can offer your clients the best prices, generate a good margin and gain market advantage.
  • Worldwide coverage and direct access to the SS7 layer of mobile operators.
  • Fast and reliable message delivery directly to mobile subscribers.
  • System design ensures uninterrupted service and removes intermediaries.
  • Designed to handle high volume SMS campaigns such as sales promotions or political campaigns, Blast SMS allows you to send targeted bulk SMS to thousands of recipients in just a few seconds. Recipient numbers can be uploaded easily and quickly in CSV or Excel format.
  • Our Reseller Solution incorporates all these benefits for complete management of your messaging business



  • Set your own selling price.
  • Create unlimited reseller and/or client accounts.
  • Single or one-click bulk messaging, with scheduling and sender ID customisation options
  • Global Network Coverage of over 779 GSM networks worldwide.
  • 2-Way messaging and inbox function
  • Support of simple, personalised or non-personalised text messages (160 characters).
  • HRL tool to identify the ‘home’ mobile network and subscriber status
  • Address book for contact and group management.
  • Detailed graphic and tabular representations of all your sent messages with cost and destination details.
  • View and export coverage lists and price sets per network, invoices, payments and detailed history reports.
  • Upload your own skins, colors, logos, contact details and URLs for making your messaging completely self-branded without any trace of Pixiebulksms involvement.

Using our Reseller Solution and the knowledge and experience of our dedicated mobile messaging specialists, you will grow your business and margin, whilst keeping your clients satisfied and loyal. Distributed free of charge, it is guaranteed to boost your resale operations.

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